Peek - a chart library based on D3.js (version 1.4.1)

Chart Types

Peek supports the following chart types:

See the example data for the input JSON format. The time-series charts are interchangeable (a common data format can be used with all chart types).


Line chart

Line chart (with dual y-axis and dual scales)

Dual y-axes with series belonging to one of two scales. Note: only line and scatter charts support dual y-axes.

Line chart (with interpolation, data points and grid)

See the D3.js documentation and this example for a list of interpolation types.

Line chart (with linear x-axis scale)

Scatter chart

Area chart

Stacked area chart

Stacked area chart (with opacity and data points)

Expanded stacked area chart

Stacked area chart (wiggle offset)

Stacked area chart (silhouette offset)

Bar chart

Bar chart (with opacity)

Grouped bar chart

Stacked bar chart

Stacked bar chart (with texture)

Stacked grouped bar chart

Bar chart (with linear x-axis scale)

Bar chart (with ordinal x-axis scale)

Horizontal bar chart

The horizontal bar chart features a flexible height, which expands automatically as more rows are added to the data input.

Pie chart

Donut chart

Donut chart (with outline and transparency)